Irrigation Supplies

A professionally installed sprinkler system makes caring for your lawn irrigation simple and efficient. Grasshopper Gardens carries both Hunter and Rainbird irrigation supplies, two of the leading sprinkler systems on the market. In addition, we are your source for professional sprinkler system installation.

Benefits of a Sprinkler System

  • Save time - Spend your valuable time enjoying your lawn instead of watering it
  • Conserve water - Automatic shut off and moisture sensors ensure that your lawn gets just the right amount of water
  • Save money - Using less water will reduce water bills, while consistent watering increases the life of your plants
  • Add value - Professionally installed sprinkler systems are a cost-effective way to increase your home's value

Our Sprinkler Systems

Hunter Sprinkler Systems

  • Coverage - Spaced from 15' - 90', offering a spray radius of 40 degree to 360 degree arc
  • Features - Various flow rates, vandal proof, consistent rotation speed, FloStop feature

Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems

  • Coverage - Spaced from 13' - 50', offering a spray radius of 40 degree to 360 degree arc
  • Features - Locking mechanism to prevent theft, easy to use timer, built in surge protection

We carry a great selection of Chemical Injection Systems and Sprinkler Fittings. At Grasshopper Gardens, we provide you with the irrigation supplies you need to keep your lawn hydrated.

Get rid of bulky hoses and automatically water your lawn with a sprinkler system. We also install sprinkler systems! Call or contact us today for your irrigation supplies.