Soil & Fertilizer


We carry a wide selection of soil mixes, plant foods, bagged mulch & topsoil for growing any kind of plant. Some of our favorites include Espoma soil & food products, Bondie weed and pest control, and Fox Farm's Happy Frog Soil Conditioner.

Our Featured Soil Products

  • Happy Frog Potting Soil
  • Ocean Forest Potting Soil
  • Happy Frog Soil Conditioner
  • Peat Moss Bales

Our collection now features Happy Frog Potting Soil by Fox Farm. This special potting soil and nutrient blend is made to maximize your plants' growth. This blend is beneficial to every plant type from fruits and vegetables to flowers and shrubberies. Happy Frog Potting Soil brings the best nutrients and beneficial microbes and fungi to your indoor and potted plants. Between the earthworm castings, aged forest products, and bat guano, your potted plants will have all they need to thrive. Fox Farm uses only the highest quality, premium ingredients without cheap fillers, topsoil, or sludge.


Proper use of fertilizers will ensure that your lawn, trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers thrive all season long. Grasshopper Gardens has a great selection of fertilizers including specialty fertilizers, peat moss, and manure. Choosing between liquid, dry, soluble, and hydroponic fertilizers can be confusing, but our helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you find the ideal fertilizer for your needs.

Types of Fertilizers

  • Peat Moss: A great seed starter and fertilizer, peat moss absorbs and holds moisture. Ideal for loosening up clay soil for improved rooting and retaining moisture and nutrients in sandy soil. Peat moss lowers the pH of soil, creating an optimum environment for may vegetables.
  • Specialty Fertilizers: Offer a wide range of benefits and are developed for specific types of plants or environments. Specialty fertilizers are available to decrease or increase pH, prevent disease, increase blooming, and more.
  • Manure: When composted, manure is an excellent fertilizer for vegetables and plants. It increases soil carbon, reduces soil erosion, and lessens nitrate leaching.

Using the right soil, plant food, and fertilizer in your garden or potted plants can make a world of difference! Stop in today and ensure that your plants and flowers have the proper nutrition with our great selection of soil and fertilizer products.