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Fire Features


Fire features are a great way to extend the use and enjoyment of your yard and landscaping. Fire features offer warmth and light, as well as an ideal place to gather to roast marshmallows or just relax. Grasshopper Gardens has a great selection of distinctive fire features to meet your needs and compliment any landscaping design.

Fire Features

  • Fire Bowls - Decorative fire features that are available in a variety of sizes and can be displayed in a many different spaces including on tables and pillars. Available in wood and gas fueled styles.
  • Fire Tables - Dual purpose fire feature offers both visual interest and warmth as well as providing a comfortable and stylish space to gather.
  • Fire Pits - Convenient and safe, fire pits are a popular choice for many backyards. In addition, fire pits are available in classic wood burning or no hassle gas fueled versions.
  • Fire Rings - Decorative rings for around fire increase beauty and safety. Some models include a portable base so that fires can be placed safely on patios and decks.
  • Fireplaces & Hearths - Cozy and inviting, these outdoor fire features provide a sense of charm and elegance while providing warmth. These styles of fire features create a unique and intimate environment.

Create the ultimate backyard gathering spot with our fire features.