Bird Feeders & Seed

Bird feeder

Bird feeders are a great way to attract birds to your yard. Our selection of bird feeders are made of a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and metal. We carry a wide range of styles of bird feeders, from simple to decorative. We also have bird seed to keep your bird feeder well stocked.

Our Collection of Bird Feeders

  • Hummingbird feeders - These feeders are designed specifically to hold sweetened nectar and utilize color and form to attract hummingbirds.
  • Hopper feeders - Typically resemble a gazebo or barn and feature a roof that lifts off for filling. This type a feeder is great for both small and large birds and can be mounted on a pole or hung.
  • Tube feeders - Tube feeders are cylinder shaped with perches spaced next to feeding holes. Some tube style feeders are designed for tiny seeds while other can allow for larger seeds like sunflower. These feeders are ideal for smaller birds.
  • Platform feeders - These feeders are designed for attracting birds that typically eat from the ground and can be mounted or hung.
  • Window feeders - Lightweight feeders with suction cups are attached directly to a window in your home to allow for close bird watching.

Our Bird Seed

Our premium and ultimate bird seed mixes will attract more birds than standard mixed seed because of the sunflower hearts having no husk. With ultimate mixes, you get extra ingredients such as dried mealworms and suet pellets. Other factors to consider when selecting bird seed are:

  • If you have limited time to maintain the area in which you feed birds, go for premium and ultimate mixes because there’s much less waste.
  • If you have multiple tube seed feeders then try mixed seeds in one and premium or ultimate in others – this is bound to attract more species.
  • If you have a bird table or ground feeder as well as a tube seed feeder, use premium or ultimate on these as you should be able to attract blackbirds and song thrushes that can’t use a tube seed feeder.

Visit Grasshopper Gardens today to see our selection of bird feeders and premium and ultimate bird seed mixes.