Seeds & Bulbs


Growing from seed can be a fun and rewarding project. Grasshopper Gardens carries a huge selection of high quality seeds. Our collection includes annual and perennial flowers and plants, as well as grasses, fruits, and vegetables.

Seed Benefits

Our selection of seeds include some of the most popular and trusted brands. We carry a wide range of heirloom, organic, and non GMO seeds. When you grow your plants and flowers from our great selection of seeds, you will reap a variety of benefits including:

  • Save Money - It costs much less money to grow a lot of plants from seed than to purchase one already grown plant.
  • Greater Selection - There is only so much space in any garden center, so some types of plants and flowers are not typically kept in stock, whereas a large variety of rare and unusual seeds are available.
  • Control Nutritional Input - Growing your plants from seed allows you to determine what types of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are used.
  • Learning Experience - When you grow plants from seed children are able to experience all aspects of the growing cycle.

Grow all the plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables you want with our great selection of seeds. Stop by today to see our collection of seeds.