Gardening Tools

Gardening tools

Planting and caring for your lawn and gardens is easier when you're equipped with the right gardening tools. At Grasshopper Gardens, we carry a great selection of high-quality gardening equipment, hand tools, tool storage solutions, rain barrels, and more!

Our Gardening Tools

  • Ghana Baskets - Made with elephant grass, natural dyes and goat leather handles, these baskets are a must for every Gardener.
  • Cultivators - used to till earth either aerate or kill weeds. Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Hoes - used to till soil, weed, create shallow trenches, etc. Available in push or pull styles.
  • Loppers - used to remove tree and shrub branches. his two-handed tool can easily cut through branches up to 2" thick.
  • Pruners - used to remove dead or unwanted branches or stems. This one-handed tool is available in multiple sizes and strengths to handle a variety of plants.
  • Rakes - used to gather materials like leaves and debris, level ground, and move soil, gravel, or sand. Available in plastic or metal and constructed to be either rigid or flexible.
  • Spades - used to dig and break up soil. Typically have a pointed tip and may have space for your foot to push downward.
  • Shovels - used to pick up or move loose material like dirt, sand, fertilizer, etc.
  • Tool Bags - used to store and transport garden tools. Easily keep track of your garden tools with a tool bag that features sturdy construction and durable design.
  • Trowels - a hand tool used to dig small holes, transplant, mix soil, etc. Available in a variety of styles and sizes.
  • Watering Cans - used to make watering plants and flowers easy. Available in a complete range of sizes with different shaped spouts for watering at different heights or where water needs to be applied.
  • Weeders - used to remove weeds. Weeders are available in a variety of styles to pull weeds out of the ground, slice around weeds for easy removal, or chop through weed roots to destroy them at the base.
  • Wheelbarrows & Carts - used to transport tools, dirt, and more. Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Rain Barrels are containers that are used to catch and store rainwater as it drains from the roof of your home. The water collected can be used to water your garden while helping the environment. Typically, rain barrels range in size from 50 to 80 gallons. Grasshopper Gardens carries a great selection of rain barrels, that will help conserve water.

Benefits of Rain Barrels

  • Reduce flooding into yard or basement
  • Natural softened water without softening chemicals
  • Chlorine free water protects the soil composition
  • Reduce water and sewage bills
  • Backup source of water
  • Limits storm runoff that can damage ecosystems of local streams and rivers

Plant, prune, and upkeep the beautiful garden and landscape of your dreams! Come see our selection of gardening tools and environmentally friendly rain barrels today.