Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments

Turn your garden into a place of whimsy and delight with the right garden ornaments. Grasshopper Gardens has a huge selection of garden ornaments to compliment the unique style of your landscape.

Our Garden Ornaments

  • Statuary: We have an amazing selection of garden statuary including fairies, animals, and abstract pieces. The right statuary can accent a garden path, offset a flower bed or water feature, or even be the focal point of your yard or garden.
  • Gazing Balls & Stands: To create the look you want, these globes and stands are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials. Pair the perfect globe, whether it is iridescent, metallic, or cracked glass, with the ideal stand or pillar to meet your preferred style.
  • Decorative Stepping Stones: Turn a simple path into a statement with our stepping stones. We have a great selection of stones with images and phrases that will dress up any garden.
  • Sundials: Add an antique aura to your garden with a lovely sundial accent. We carry stone and metal sundials, with or without stands.
  • Trellis: A lovely addition for any garden, our selection of trellis are ideal for a variety of climbing flowers and plants. We have wood and metal trellis in a range of styles to compliment your flowers, plants, and other landscape features.

Dress up your garden with our selection of charming and unique garden ornaments. Visit us today to see our garden ornament collection.