Choosing plants that are ideal for your landscaping is easy at Grasshopper Gardens. We have a huge selection of plants that are ideal for a variety of growing environments. From shade to full sun, our friendly and helpful staff can help you choose the right plant for whatever your conditions.

Our Plant Selection

  • Trees - We have a wide range of trees to perfectly enhance your landscape, including privacy trees, evergreen trees, shade trees, flowering trees, and fruit trees.
  • Shrubs - Our selection of shrubs and hedges come in a variety of colors to offset your landscape.
  • Flowers - We offer a huge collection of annual and perennial flowering plants in a full spectrum of colors and sizes.
  • Fruits & Vegetables - Grow your own fruits and vegatables right in your yard. Choose from a variety of fruits and veggie plants that are perfect for snacks, recipes, and canning.
  • Succulents & Air Plants - These plants make a great addition to any garden, and they're easy to grow!

Grasshopper Gardens has a great variety of plants to enhance and improve your landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our plant selection.